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Let’s Get Comfortable - It May Be Your Ductwork

Are there rooms that are always a little too warm? Are they spots around your home where drafts make you uncomfortable every month of the year?

It might be airflow.

Airflow is a critical component of your heating and cooling system. It’s not the age or size of your heating and cooling system that matters; it’s your equipment’s ability to transport conditioned air throughout your home.

If your ductwork doesn’t properly work, you’ll have trouble with your airflow. And that means you’ll have trouble with your comfort levels throughout your home.

Airflow isn’t just about increasing your comfort level. If you have poor airflow, it also contributes to:

  • Lower efficiency with your HVAC equipment
  • Less air circulating through the ductwork, and out through the vents in your home
  • Poor air quality
  • Higher energy bills
  • More frequent repairs as your HVAC equipment simply can’t handle the load

How does your ductwork contribute to inefficiency?

Let’s Get Comfortable - It May Be Your DuctworkIf you close registers and vents, it puts undue stress on the entire ductwork system. Ductwork is designed as a complete system that works with your heating and cooling system. Closing down vents makes the equipment work harder than it’s supposed to.

Ductwork is continually moving, collapsing, and contracting based on airflow circulating throughout the system. This can wiggle joints and connectors loose, allowing air to leak where it shouldn’t be.

Over time, dirt, debris, and other contaminants can settle into your ductwork. This, in turn, flows into your airflow and can reduce the quality of the indoor air inside your home. Changing air filters regularly is only the first step in making sure your air supply remains clean.

What can you do?

Start by changing your air filter regularly.

You should also have your ductwork inspected once per year. Make it a part of your regular annual inspection, to ensure your HVAC is as efficient as possible.

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