4 Simple Things You Can Do To Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

Warmer days are coming soon. April is one of the most beautiful months of the year here in Colorado. Denver’s highs average in the 60s and 70s, but don’t discount it climbing higher. If you’ve been in Denver for any length of time, you know the weather is always changing.

While in years past, April was the perfect month to start thinking about your air conditioner. While you might need it for an hour or two on the hottest days of the month, you know that’s about to change. It just makes sense to schedule your annual checkup with one of our technicians.

But what about this year? Has COVID-19 changed all that?

We’re still here as an essential business, ready to service your HVAC equipment on an as needed basis.

There are also a few things you can consider doing on your own.4 Simple Things You Can Do To Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

Replace your air filter – if you don’t do this on a regular basis, now is the time to start. Your family is currently at home all day and all night; order a multi-pack and replace them monthly to ensure your HVAC system is always supplied with a clean air supply.

Clean your ducts – if you’re using a gas-forced HVAC system, your duct work is shared equally for both your heating and your air conditioning. It’s been used a lot this winter, spend some time looking at each vent and register throughout your home. While we don’t recommend sticking anything down into the ducts to clean them, you can ensure vents and registers are dust-free and aren’t blocked from supplying the room with air. Also notice if you see visible signs of mold, or there’s a bad odor coming from within. In either case, call in one of our technicians immediately.

Clean the air conditioner unit – take the time to ensure your outside air conditioning unit is ready to go for the season. Clear away all debris from the unit. Use a soft cloth to remove any pollen or mold spores. Be careful not to bend any of the fins, as this will impact the way the condenser operates.

Test the system – on the first nice day, flip the switch and test your air conditioner out. Does it work well? Does it properly condition your home? Do you feel cool air?

If not, it’s time to schedule a maintenance visit with one of our technicians.

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