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Why a Variable Speed Furnace Should Be On Your Shopping List

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn your furnace on at different speeds, depending on how cold or warm your house is? A low speed would help maintain the temperature, while a higher speed would quickly warm it up after you return from a long day at work.

A variable speed furnace isn’t something in a future world, it’s something you can have today.

Traditional furnaces have one speed; it’s either on or off. But with a variable speed system, also known as a dual stage system, you can use different settings to keep your home comfortable. That makes it easier to keep your desired temperature all throughout the day and night. It also does a whole lot more.

Keeps a stable temperatureWhy a Variable Speed Furnace Should Be On Your Shopping List

A traditional furnace is on or off. When the thermostat triggers your home has fallen below the desired temperature, it turns on. Then as it reaches the thermostat setting, it turns off again. It’s a constant on and off flow. But a variable speed furnace works a bit differently. It can use the higher speed to change the temperature significantly, like after a lower heat setting while you’re at work. Once the desired temperature is reached, it can switch to the lower blower setting, to help maintain the temperature and your comfort level.

Keeps the equipment in better condition

The on/off cycling process traditional furnaces take is a lot harder on the heating equipment. That on/off process can rattle and shake the system loose. Because a variable speed furnace is more stable, and in motion to keep your rooms comfortable, it’s less wear and tear through the on/off process.

Keeps your home quieter

Depending on the heating equipment you have installed in your home, every time the furnace turns on it can make a lot of noise. Because variable speed furnaces run at lower settings and don’t kick on and off with such regularity, you won’t have the same noise factor.

Keeps more money in your wallet

With more on/off action from a traditional furnace, your utility bill is going to climb. Because a variable speed helps maintain an even temperature, and doesn't require the same on/off functions throughout the day, it won’t use as much energy in the process. That means more savings for you.

Keeps your indoor air quality safer

Sudden bursts of air can whip dust and debris into action. And with a constant on/off pattern, that dirt can circulate throughout your home, clog your air filter more, and give you dirtier air to breathe. Slower moving air streams forces less dust into your air supply, meaning a cleaner airstream for you.

Thinking of changing out your furnace this year? Maybe it's time to look at the benefits of installing a variable speed furnace.

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