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Is There A Way Your Current HVAC System Can Save You Even More Money?

Your current HVAC system was installed just a few years ago, but you aren’t happy with the way it heats and cools your home. There are hot and cold spots throughout the living space. It’s just not as efficient as you’d hoped it would be.

Do you have to replace the entire HVAC system all over again to make it heat and cool the way you want?

There are more affordable solutions.

Programmable thermostats

While you might have a newer furnace and air conditioner, when was the last time you changed your thermostat? A thermostat regulates how hot or cold temperatures are inside your home. Programmable thermostats give you the ability to establish a schedule throughout the day to keep your home heated and cooled when you’re around to enjoy it. It allows the temperature to be what you set it for.

If you want even more control, consider upgrading to smart technology. This works with your HVAC system and can learn by your behavior as well as work to create efficiencies with your HVAC technology. With statistics and analytics, you can quickly determine where you save energy, which equates to saving more on your utility bills.Is There A Way Your Current HVAC System Can Save You Even More Money?

Whole house zoning

Traditional HVAC systems have “on or off” operation. When it’s on, it pushes conditioned air to every room in the home. Yet there might be rooms where you’d prefer it to be a bit cooler, other areas you’d like to be a bit warmer.

A zoned heating and cooling system creates zones throughout your home, allowing you to heat and cool smaller portions of your home as you desire. Each zone is controlled through its own thermostat, and uses dampers in the ductwork to control how much air flows through to each section.

How efficient is your HVAC system? Are you tired of the hot and cold spots throughout your home? Are you looking for ways to save money on your monthly utility bills?

Give us a call today. We can evaluate your current HVAC system, and provide ideas for how to make your heating and cooling system even better.

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