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Does A New HVAC System Really Save Money?

There comes a point in time where it’s no longer beneficial to keep your old HVAC system. It’s worked hard, but now it costs you more to keep it going.

Yet that can be a difficult conclusion. You’re quoted a lot of money for a new HVAC system. Repairing might only be a few hundred. Shouldn’t you do that instead?

Let’s talk about how much that old furnace is really costing you

Here in Colorado, your furnace might be in use nine or even ten months out of the year. Chilly mornings can settle in early across the Front Range - it’s not unheard of to turn the furnace on in September. And we all know snow and cold mornings can creep into May or even June; that furnace you’ve been using for years has received a lot of use over the years.

If your furnace is more than 12 years old, it’s probably operating at 80 percent efficiency or less. That means every time you turn it on, it’s only operating at about 80 percent of its capability. What does that mean for you?Does A New HVAC System Really Save Money?

  • Higher utility bills
  • More repair bills
  • More chances of not having heat at all
  • Indoor air quality problems
  • Increased health risks

What’s the solution? A new HVAC system

Will a new HVAC system be the solution to these problems? Yes! Today’s technology is more energy efficient than ever before. Not only will it save you money, but it will also:

Save on repairs - your new HVAC system will be in top condition. That means no more calling in a repairperson and having costly repair bills. To keep every component on your new HVAC system working well, schedule regular maintenance to ensure it stays in the best possible working condition.

Be more energy efficient - better equipment means your furnace will operate better, and will reduce the amount spent on heating your house each month.

Improve home value - if you’re considering a move soon, a new energy efficient HVAC system can add value to your property. If a potential buyer knows they won’t have to replace equipment in the coming months, plus you can show how energy costs have decreased, it’s a win/win.

Does that mean a new air conditioner too?

While air conditioners don’t have as long of life as furnaces, it’s important to consider how well the two work together. That’s why it’s called HVAC - heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

The HVAC system operates as a whole. Evaluate how well each piece is working together to ensure comfort and efficiency throughout your home.

Have further questions about installing a new HVAC system in your home? Give us a call today.

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