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What If Your Furnace Leaks Water?

Your furnace creates heat to keep your home warm. But did you also know it can leak water?

If you’ve ever walked into your furnace room and found a pool of water near it, pay attention. Your furnace is trying to tell you something. If you ignore it, it can quickly grow into many different problems, including water damage to the surrounding area, and even the death of your furnace.

What does a furnace leak mean? It can mean one of several things.What If Your Furnace Leaks Water?

Clogged Drain

Does your home have both a central air conditioning and heating system? Your furnace is a part of your HVAC system - heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. They operate together using one ventilation system to keep your home’s air conditioned as you desire. Because of this, they share an internal drain, which may be allowing water to pass through the furnace and pool near your equipment.

Humidifier Leak

Your furnace has an internal humidifier to add moisture to the air during the winter months. It’s attached to the plumbing system to help drain properly. If the humidifier is old, cracked, or has leaks, it will begin pooling by your furnace.

Condensation Leak

Have you recently installed a high efficiency furnace? They work by pumping cool exhaust away from the equipment, which could allow condensation to leak during the process. This water is usually channeled into a drainage system, but if you notice pooling water, it might be time to check the drain line to make sure all is operating well.

Have you ruled out these problems? Then it might be an internal problem with your furnace equipment, such as a problem with the heat exchanger. This can be a costly problem, one that may require upgrading your heating system.

The best way to avoid further problems is to schedule a maintenance visit and address the issues as quickly as possible.

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