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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Did you know that almost half of the money you pay on utilities each month is to keep your home heated and cooled?

When was the last time you considered how effective that process is?

Every time your furnace or air conditioner turns on, it releases conditioned air back into your home. If it’s an efficient process, everything works seamlessly. The problem is that rarely happens.How To Get The Most Out Of Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Every time your heating and cooling equipment runs, the equipment starts to wear down. Air filters get dirty. Belts wear out. Nuts and bolts slowly wiggle their way free. Joints suddenly come apart and allow leaks where conditioned air shouldn’t be.

All of that makes your home a little less efficient than it should be.

In addition to how your home’s air supply is treated, it also creates carbon monoxide in the process, releasing it back into the air supply. Here in the US, approximately 150 million tons of it are released back into the air every year.

The more efficient the equipment, the less it releases back into the atmosphere. That means greenhouse emissions go down, and we do a little less harm to the environment.

Neglect is the number one cause of problems with your heating and air conditioning system. Yet it doesn’t take much to ensure it’s at peak performance. Annual maintenance visits before the start of each season can ensure everything is working correctly. A technician can evaluate your system, including your ducts, to ensure everything is well insulated and isn’t leaking.

Have you scheduled yours today?

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