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Feeling Chilly? Maybe It’s Time For A Variable Speed Blower

The air conditioning system in your home has two functions: to produce cool air and to circulate it throughout your home.

In order to circulate cooled air, the air conditioning unit has a fan that pushes it through the ductwork and out through the vents. With most central air conditioning systems, you have two fan settings: on and auto.

With on, it blows air constantly through your home whether the unit is actively cooling air or not. This gives you continual fresh, filtered air circulating throughout your home. And while this may give your home a boost in indoor air quality, it also runs your up your utility bill.Feeling Chilly? Maybe It’s Time For A Variable Speed Blower

With auto, it only runs the fan when the cooling cycle is active. This allows you to save energy by having it only run when it’s needed, but it also allows the air to grow more stagnant over time.

A solution may be with a variable speed blower. This gives you access to fan speeds in between the all or nothing speed associated with a traditional air conditioner. The air handler automatically ramps up power or turns it down depending on the conditions within your home.

Instead of choosing, your home can have both energy efficiency with cleaner indoor air. When the cooling function of the air conditioner is no longer needed, the fan slows down to save electricity. But rather than shutting down altogether, the fan continues to circulate air all the time. This can be a big bonus for people suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.

The constant fan action also helps maintain air temperature better throughout your home. Because air is constantly moving, it can help keep the hot or cold spots away, the ones that are often associated with a more traditional air conditioning system.

You’ll also find a variable speed blower is quieter. Because your fan won’t have to operate full blast to introduce newly conditioned air into your home, you’ll have a quieter atmosphere, which will be a little more flexible for relaxing.

Are you in the process of replacing your air conditioning system? If you have any questions about variable speed blowers, or need help purchasing or installing one, give us a call today.

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