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Renovating an Older Home? Keep These HVAC Tips In Mind

Some of the oldest neighborhoods have the most charm. The homes are classical in style. The landscaping is beautiful.

And the HVAC systems? In some cases, they can be functional at best.

Many older homes weren’t built for today’s modern HVAC systems. Central air conditioning? Nope. Many older homes simply don’t have the structure to make it so.

But no matter how old your home is, renovating it to make it more efficient is an option. How difficult the project will be depends on the system you already have in place.

Are there ducts leading to each room from an old forced air system? This makes installation easier. The important thing with an old system is to have it properly cleaned and ensure it’s in top shape and free from leaks.

If leaks are found, it’s important to repair them or replace the entire duct system before connecting a new furnace or air conditioner into your home. Faulty ductwork will drastically reduce the effectiveness of your new heating and cooling equipment, no matter how efficient it may claim to be.

One of the best options for an old home without proper ductwork is to install a ductless system. These ductless systems offer flexibility and affordability to bring both heat and cooling into your home where it might not be possible otherwise. Individual wall-mounted units are installed in each room, with a small outdoor unit providing the controls. It saves on having to tear out walls or having an intrusive and bulky duct system mounted to your ceilings and walls. It can help you achieve zone cooling and doing so according to your personal preferences.

If you are moving into an older home without air conditioning and want to know your options, we can inspect the current system in place and help you choose the right system for you.

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