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Benefits Of Replacing Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Together

Is your furnace or air conditioner in need of repair? Are you questioning whether it’s worth the time or the money to repair it, or would it be better to replace it once and for all?

Replacing either system can be an expensive endeavor. Which is why many homeowners take on the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Why replace one system when you’re only having trouble with the other? When it comes to your HVAC system, it may be good advice.

Evaluate Your System

Your furnace and air conditioning system work together to keep your house properly conditioned no matter what the weather. With a gas-forced system, they share a lot in common, including the duct work. By hiring a licensed HVAC technician, they can evaluate your current system and give you an honest opinion of the condition of your equipment.Benefits Of Replacing Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Together

If there is no avoiding replacement of one unit, you should give your remaining system an honest assessment. Air conditioners typically can last 10 to 15 years, while a furnace can have a useful life of up to 20 years depending on use. The closer your still-working unit is to its average lifespan, the more inclined you should be to replace it at the same time.

Matched System

When you replace both units at the same time, your HVAC technician can match them and use the same air handler, which reduces equipment costs and energy use. If they are designed to work together, it also reduces the wear and tear on the parts. Plus if you select current technology and it works together, you’ll receive the biggest benefits on your monthly utility bills.

Keeping the two systems separate and replacing them on their own doesn’t mean your house won’t be properly conditioned. It just means you might not be receiving the maximum energy efficiency gained by purchasing new equipment.

When you replace both systems together, they are installed together. That means any installation issues are handled at the time of installation, not years apart on different timeframes. Because the matched systems are designed to work together, you may find warranties cover more parts and work together over a longer period of time.

The ideal way to manage your upgrade is to start now, while both systems are operational. When was the last time you had a routine maintenance on all of your equipment? An experienced technician can help you size up your equipment, make recommendations to keep it running, and give you a reasonable estimate about the future of your equipment.

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