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What Can Go Wrong When You Put Off HVAC Maintenance

We all work within the confines of a budget. You have a mortgage, car loans to pay, and a family to take care of. Why put money towards something when you don’t have a problem?

That’s why HVAC maintenance gets pushed to the wayside. It’s also why HVAC repairs often escalate into much larger incidents. If small problems aren’t fixed quickly, you’ll have a higher chance of having to replace your HVAC equipment.

There are a few warning signs that it’s time to act on an HVAC maintenance routine:

Refrigerant LeaksWhat Can Go Wrong When You Put Off HVAC Maintenance

Your air conditioner needs the right amount of refrigerant in order to operate properly. If it has a leak, no matter how small, you’ll notice your air conditioner isn’t as cool as it once was. You may also hear a hissing noise coming from the unit. An HVAC maintenance call can quickly find the problem and ensure fluids are at capacity to run properly and cool your home.

Blocked Drain

Air conditioning systems have a condensate drain that can easily become blocked if not maintained properly. This can lead to multiple issues within your air conditioning unit, and reduce the efficiency and the ability to cool your home. If it remains blocked for long periods, you may notice water pooling around the unit.

Clogged Air Filter

HVAC systems require air filters to operate properly. These air filters are the first line of defense for providing clean air into your home environment. They clog quickly, which is why you’ll find most experts recommending you change them out every one to three months.

Dirty Ducts

It’s important to remember that your system operates not only with heating and cooling equipment, but also with ductwork. All of it impacts the quality of your air. Ducts accumulate dust and debris over time, which lowers your system’s efficiency. They can even develop cracks and leaks, which allow more debris or even pests to enter the system. A professional HVAC maintenance ensures your entire system is in quality condition to ensure your airflow and air quality is the best it can be.

Don’t wait until a major event requires your immediate attention. Schedule an HVAC maintenance call today.

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