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Plumbing Problems - Simple Things To Do At Home To See How Efficient You Are

Maybe you’ve just purchased an older home, and would love to know how efficient it is. Or maybe you’ve been in a home awhile, and are wondering if everything is still working as efficiently as possible. Use these simple tests to determine if and where your problem lies:

  • Find out if you have a water leak. Read your water meter before and after an 8-hour period when you will be away from your home, and no water will be used. If the readings are different, your home has a leak.
  • Check your bathtubs and showers. Run a few inches of water and let it sit for an hour. Check to see if you have a slow leak. Other signs of problems could be stains or soft spots around the tub or shower, or around the drain itself.
  • Check your faucets. Look for leaks around the handles, and dripping water from the faucet itself. Also turn on your hot water for a few seconds, and turn it off abruptly. A hammer or vibration noise can be signs of loose pipes.
  • Check your water heater. The first four digits of the serial number on your water heater indicate the age. Typically a water heater will last 8-12 years. Keep in mind that new water heaters will be more efficient in heating your water, saving you even more over time. Also check for rusted or corroded parts that may indicate your water heater needs replacing.
  • Check your basement or crawlspace. Checking for leaks, drips, and puddles of water on a regular basis can help you repair and correct problems quickly before they turn into larger issues.

Fixing your leaks can save you tens, even hundreds of dollars a year in water bills. And if you decide to replace old fixtures in favor of green, more water efficient fixtures, your savings can multiply rapidly over the years.

Isn’t it time to connect with your local plumber?

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