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Hot Water Instantly - Two Ways To Save In Your Next Shower

Looking for two ways to save with your next shower?

First, eliminate wasting water by installing a hot water circulation system.

With most water heaters, you have to turn on the shower, and wait anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds for the hot water to make it into your shower. With a hot water circulation system, an inline pump keeps the hot water in the hot water pipe, making it instantaneous when you’re ready for a shower.

This type of system is easy to install using your existing system – no new, expensive water heater installation. And get the added benefit of saving thousands of gallon of water annually.

Second, install a new showerhead. Replacing an old showerhead can pay for itself through reduced water and energy use within just a few months. New generations of showerheads decrease the water flow while creating the feeling of a powerful shower spray.

By combining the two, you’ll have the shower you’ve always dreamed of with the energy benefits you’ll love.

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