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Toilet Paper and Plumbing Problems...Do They Go Hand In Hand?

Toilet paper. One of the simple luxuries of modern, civilized society. If you have ever traveled to a third world country, you have probably discovered what a wonderful thing toilet paper is. But if you spend much time around plumbers, you will probably discover what a wonderful thing toilet paper isn’t.

So, is it true? Does toilet paper really lead to plumbing problems? Unfortunately, the answer depends greatly upon the surrounding circumstances.

Then how can you as a conscientious consumer keep your paper and avoid the problems?

Keep an eye on quantity – Here is one of the biggest factors (no pun intended) in whether or not your toilet paper will cause issues: quantity used. If you use a minimal amount of paper between flushes, your system (and any system down the pipes) will likely suffer little to no damage. If however you enjoy using half a roll at a time, be prepared for the impending consequences…frequently.

Pay attention to how quickly it dissolves – For this one you may have to do a bit of research. Eco-friendly studies and consumer reports have a great deal to say on which brands of toilet paper dissolve the fastest, and therefore are the least likely to cause problems. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the paper is, the longer it will take to dissolve.

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Avoid flushing “flushable” wipes – Flushable wipes are the bane of sewage workers across the country. Consumers may rave about the fresh, clean feeling they leave behind; but sanitation workers complain about the “softballs” later. Disposable wipes tend to gather as they travel, creating a softball-like wad of unruly and un-dissolvable material. This translates into time consuming and costly problems. If the collection happens to be in your piping, be prepared for a problematic bill.

So, do toilet paper and plumbing problems go hand in hand? Without moderation and careful consideration, yes.

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