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What Are Plumbing Pipes Made Out Of?

Your house is nothing more than a system, using pipes, lines and wires to make it run effectively. When everything is working, you probably don’t give it a second thought. But if one thing goes wrong, undefinedyou will quickly find out how much you depend on those pipes, lines and wires.

Your plumbing is a vital part of your life – you and your family use it all of the time. The plumbing pipes you have running in your walls and beneath your home make up your plumbing system. These pipes connect to your city’s water and sewage pipes and interconnect in your home in various ways. Your gas lines are also considered to be a part of your plumbing.

Depending on the year your home was built, and what part of the country you live, plumbing pipes are made out of the following:

PVC – These pipes are one of the most popular plumbing pipes today. PVC pipes do not clog as easily as other pipes and they are more affordable.

Steel – Steel is often used for gas lines. Without proper installation and material, your gas lines could be dangerous.

Copper – Copper is often used for water lines. Although it is still a popular choice for plumbing, the price of copper is on the rise. Therefore, the use of copper in plumbing is declining as people find cheaper alternatives, such as PVC.

WARDFLEX – This flexible material is becoming the favored choice of gas lines. It is easier to maneuver and install because of its flexibility.

Clay tile – Clay tile pipes are most often found in older homes. If you have clay tile pipes in your home, you should have them replaced. This type of piping is out-of-date when it comes to plumbing standards and there are many other choices that are better.

Cast iron – Cast iron tapes are used mainly for drain systems. Although most often found in older homes (like clay tile pipes), these pipes are usually replaced because of the better materials used today in plumbing pipes.

Lead – Lead pipes were used in older homes as water lines. Today, we have a better understanding of the dangers of lead, so these lines should always be replaced. Lead is a dangerous substance, especially to small children.

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