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Green Plumbing Design Ideas In Your Remodel

Instead of upgrading and moving to a newer home, you’ve decided to remodel your existing home. It’s in a great neighborhood, you like the mature landscaping – why not!

In brand new housing, builders are incorporating more green methods into the living quarters. While some of the designs may be more cumbersome retrofitting it into an older home, many things are still possible. It is possible to use green plumbing design ideas throughout your home as you make your updates.

Let’s start with the room with the easiest fixes to going green – the bathroom. This one room consumes on average the highest amount of water usage. And luckily, this is also the one room that is the easiest to control the water usage as well. Low flush toilets are a standard necessity in a green bathroom. Low flow faucets on both the sinks and shower is also a must. In some cases the fixtures are so efficient at controlling water flow while keeping pressure high, it’s hard to tell it’s a low flow design.

The kitchen and the laundry room are also big in the area of conservation. Start by replacing faucets on the sink areas with low flow fixtures. Then look at replacing old appliances with more energy efficient options. Dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators all have great features that make your life easier, and conserve water at the same time. If you need to relocate appliances to make them user-friendlier, your plumber will be able to move water locations easily.

Also consider reducing your water flow by installing an on-demand water system, or a hot water recirculation system, that provides instant hot water. Instead of waiting up to several minutes for hot water to appear, you’ll instantly have access to hot water whenever you choose, eliminating thousands of gallons of wasted water every year.

As you are moving exterior walls, and adding more space to the inside, don’t forget about altering the outside as well. Especially here in Colorado, it’s important to think about xeriscaping as much as possible. Put in plants that tolerate drought conditions. Create outdoor living areas that provide you with more room to entertain and enjoy, and less need for a regular watering cycle.

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