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Schedule a Sewer Inspection Before Buying A Used Home

You’ve heard the nightmare stories of homebuyers stuck with the bill of correcting sewer issues. Why not ensure the quality of your sewer system before you move in?

When people decide to buy a home, they know to get a home inspection. But very few people understand the importance of asking for a sewer inspection. Especially on an older home, a sewer inspection can save you untold hours and dollars installing a new one after you experience a problem after moving in.

One of the most common problems affecting sewer lines is tree roots growing into the lines. As trees grow, roots spread out and can crawl into tiny opening in the pipes, expanding the sewer line. As they move and grow, they latch on to debris flowing through the system, causing a build up.

With today’s modern technology, it’s easy to see the condition of your drain and sewer lines from the inside. Using fiber optics, a plumber will go in and view the inside of the pipe system. He will record the process, and provide you with a copy of the results, carefully explaining his findings and any possible repercussions. He will also provide you with repair or replacement suggestions.

While a sewer inspection may come out of the new homebuyers pocket, it is by far less expensive than the cost of having to replace a sewer line. To schedule your sewer line inspection, contact Quality First Service Group.

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