Colorado Water Heaters - The Right Choice

Is it time to change out your hot water heater, and get ready for a Colorado winter?

There are three basic types of hot water heaters.

Gas Hot Water Heater
Gas Hot hot water heaterWater Heaters are very popular for heating a homes water supply, and offer reliability and fast recovery times between use. Gas water heaters have a higher efficiency rating than their electric counterparts, and can provide hot water at a quicker pace. Except for some minor insulation and energy efficiency changes, the conventional gas water heater has remained relatively the same over the years.

Electric Hot Water Heater
Electric Hot Water Heaters grew in popularity during the 50’s when the price of electricity dropped. Upkeep on an electric water heater is easier than its gas counterpart, and involves very little maintenance over the years. They are slower at recovery of hot water in a shorter period of time than the electric models.

Tankless Hot Water Heater
Because of the increase in green technology, tankless hot water heaters are getting a lot of press these days. Tankless water heaters have an electric, gas or propane heating device that is triggered by the use of water. Tankless water heaters are also called on demand water heaters because they don’t have a storage tank – the water is heated when you need it.

Which is right for you? Start by reading “Is A Tankless Water Heater For You?”Then give us a call. We would be happy to help you with an energy audit of your home, to help you determine the condition of your water heater, and what is the right choice for you.