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Do You Know How Much Energy Your HVAC System Is Wasting?

You’ve owned your home for years. Your HVAC system is several years old. It blows warm air in the winter, cool air in the summer. What could possibly be wrong? For a lot of homeowners, the HVAC system is “out of sight, out of mind.” Yet if you haven’t paid attention to the individual components … Continued


Why Your Breaker Panel Is Dangerous and How HVAC Adds To The Challenge

Certain aspects of your home are behind the scenes. Out of sight, out of mind.  If you’ve ever peered behind the door of your breaker panel, it may seem like a simple conglomerate of switches with numbers and labels for control. Yet if power goes out in your house, you’ll have to rely on it … Continued


Setting The Thermostat For Ideal Sleeping

It’s the thermostat’s job to ensure your home stays at a comfortable temperature. A standard thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature with a flick of a button. Upgrade to a programmable or smart thermostat, and you can set the temperature for different times of the day, ensuring you’re comfortable twenty-four hours of the day.  … Continued


3 Ways Your HVAC System Is Wasting Energy

If you were to break down the typical utility bill, you would find that around 43 percent of your money goes to operating your furnace and air conditioner.  Yet if you don’t pay attention to it, your HVAC system is wasting energy, causing you even more money to heat and cool your home.  Even minor … Continued


Do You Know Where The Energy Waste Is In Your HVAC

What’s the most costly appliance inside your home? If you said your HVAC equipment, you’re correct.  According to the EPA, around 43 percent of your monthly utility bill goes to heating and cooling your home. If it’s running efficiently, you can rest assured your energy bill is as low as possible. But as your furnace … Continued


Electricity and HVAC Go Hand in Hand

There is a never-ending supply of things to do to keep your home running efficiently as a homeowner. Just when you finish one project, another one pops up.  While painting a room might freshen up the looks and help your new decor pop, replacing systems might not seem as exciting. Who wants to drop thousands … Continued


Do You Know How Your HVAC Impacts Your Energy Bill?

On the hottest and coldest days of the year, do you cringe as you listen to your HVAC equipment run continuously? Do you anticipate an energy bill that will take a large bite out of your monthly budget, looking for other areas to cut back on?  According to the EPA, nearly half of the energy … Continued


Do High-Efficiency Furnaces Still Need a Floor Drain?

According to the Department of Energy, operating the average furnace will represent about half of your monthly utility bill. That’s a lot.  If you’re looking for ways to make your home more efficient, the most obvious place to start looking is at your heating system. If you haven’t replaced your furnace in a few years, … Continued


This Is What’s Causing Poor Air Flow Inside Your Home

Is there a room in your home that feels a little colder than the others? Or a room where you open windows because it’s always the hottest room in the home?  That could be a sign of something wrong with the air flow with your HVAC equipment.  HVAC is defined as the system used to … Continued


Why Indoor Air Quality Should Be At The Top Of Your Home Remodeling List

As you remodel your home, no matter what decor you select or furnishings you buy, the desire to make your home better comes at the top of your list. More efficient.  Yet what a lot of homeowners face after a remodel is a negative impact on the home’s air quality.  Dust, debris, pollutants, and other … Continued


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