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This Is When You Should Service Your Furnace

Do you really need to service your furnace regularly? Think about all your furnace goes through in a year.  Here in Colorado, your furnace can operate almost every month of the year. Colorado’s weather can change 30, 40, even 50 degrees or more in a matter of hours. That can lead you to use your … Continued


Does Your Family Know These Furnace Safety Tips?

Your furnace keeps you warm. Your furnace keeps you comfortable too. But how many times do you think about how dangerous a furnace can be if not well cared for?  With these simple furnace safety tips, you can keep your family safe all winter long.  Remove the clutter In many cases, your furnace is located … Continued


Why Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping – It May Be Your HVAC

As a homeowner, you’ve probably experienced a power overload a time or two. You plug something in, turn something on, and poof, you’ve tripped the circuit breaker. No power to that zone in your house.  It’s annoying at best. But it could also be a sign that you have a problem somewhere in your system. … Continued


Yes, Gas Forced Furnaces Need Maintenance Too

There are several different types of furnaces. Here in Denver, gas force furnaces are one of the most common.  Gas forced furnaces use several different components that work together to keep you comfortable. Thermostat – this controls the temperature inside your home.  Draft hood/fan – air is drawn into the burners to mix with gas … Continued


Is Your House Dusty? It’s Time For HVAC Maintenance

Here in Colorado, most homes rely on gas-forced heating and cooling systems. You have a centralized furnace and air conditioner that pushes heated and cooled air through ductwork installed throughout your home.  Over time, dust settles onto ductwork surfaces. Every time the furnace or air conditioner turns on, it picks up dust in the airflow, … Continued


How Pollen Gets Into Your House and How Your HVAC Can Help

According to the EPA, indoor contaminants can be as much as five times greater than typical outdoor concentrations. That’s a big deal when the average person spends as much as 90 percent of their time indoors.  Contaminants can include a variety of things including pollen. While you may notice it in greater quantities walking through … Continued


What HVAC Maintenance Looks Like

If you own a house, it’s a careful balance of home maintenance projects to ensure it continues to work well from season to season, year to year.  That includes your HVAC system. It’s not a system you can install and ignore. What does HVAC maintenance look like? Air filter check One of the most important … Continued


Help! My Furnace Is Leaking Water

It might be annoying when a drip forms in your bathroom sink, but it isn’t completely unexpected.  When you see water dripping or puddling underneath your furnace, it can cause instant panic. What’s wrong? Is that normal? Are you in danger? What’s the first thing you should do?  If you suspect any problem with your … Continued


Move Over Programmable, It’s Time For a Learning Thermostat Instead

It seems like every appliance inside your home is going through modification, and turning more efficient through the use of smart technology. How does it impact your HVAC? A learning thermostat can help you be comfortable and efficient all at the same time.  Does a learning thermostat really learn? You’ve probably noticed how your smart … Continued


Changing Thermostat Temperature Changes Your Energy Efficiency

You’re hot. You adjust the thermostat to control the inside temperature. You’re cold. Back to the thermostat you go, trying to make yourself more comfortable.  Changing your thermostat impacts the inside temperature. Changing your thermostat also impacts your energy efficiency. According to the EPA, you can save as much as 10 percent on your heating … Continued


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